5th Balkan Scientific Conference on Biology – Book of Abstracts
© Plovdiv University Press, 2021, eISBN 978-619-202-644-8

Proceedings of the 5th Balkan Scientific Conference on Biology
Kostadinova, S., Mollov, I., Dzhambazov, B., Naimov, S., Vassilev, K. & Georgiev, B. (Eds.)
© Plovdiv University Press, 2021, eISBN 978-619-202-658-5

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Preliminary Study on the Effect of LED Light and Cytokinin on the Growth of Pear Plants In Vitro – Nataliya Dimitrova, Lilyana Nacheva, Yulia Kyoseva, Małgorzata Berova, pp. 1-8

In Vitro Increased Wheat Stalk Growth by Highly Diluted Agitated Preparations of a Commercial Fertilizer – José Antonio Heredia-Rojas, Abraham Octavio Rodríguez-de la Fuente, Ricardo Gomez-Flores, Michaela N. Beltcheva, Peter V. Ostoich, D.A. Carlos-Ramos, P.A. Noguera, Omar Heredia-Rodríguez, pp. 9-15

Influence of Biostimulators Regoplant and Charkor on Growth and Development of Micropropagated Pear Plants at Acclimatization Stage – Nataliya Dimitrova, Lilyana Nacheva, Diyana Aleksandrova, Viktorija Nikolova, pp. 17-24

Effect of Polysaccharides Obtained from Plantago major L. leaves on Lactobacillus bulgaricus L14 in an In Vitro Model System of the Gastrointestinal Tract – Ivica Dimov, Daniela Mollova, Tonka Vasileva, Veselin Bivolarski, Mariana Nikolova, Paolina Lukova, Anelia Bivolarska, Ilia Iliev, pp. 25-34

Spermatozoa Morphology Abnormalities in Men with Reproductive Problems Influenced by Various Environmental and Lifestyle Factors – Spas D. Dzhoglov, Evgeniya N. Ivanova, pp. 35-41

Y Chromosome Microdeletions in men with Azoospermia and Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia – Spas D. Dzhoglov, Evgeniya N. Ivanova, Doychin T. Boyadzhiev, pp. 43-48

Study on Diversity in Some Human Phenotypic Characteristics – Evgeniya N. Ivanova, Stanislav I. Ivanov, Gergana K. Panayotova, pp. 49-55

Assessment of Genetic Diversity of White Lupin (Lupinus albus L.) Accessions Based on Agro-morphological Traits – Sofia D. Petrova, pp. 57-62

New Taxa for the Palaeoflora of Satovcha and Ustren (Rhodope Mts., Bulgaria) – Vladimir S. Bozukov, Ognyan B. Todorov, pp. 63-70

Toxic Effects of the Insecticide “Actara WG” on the Allium cepa Root Meristem – Iliyana I. Ilieva, Evgeniya N. Ivanova, Ivan Y. Stoyanov, Penka L. Vasileva, Teodora A. Staykova, Teodora P. Popova, pp. 71-77

Physiological and Agro-biological Traits Evaluation of Several Local Grain Legumes under Climatic Condition of South-central Region of Bulgaria – Radoslav R. Chipilski, Sofia D. Petrova, pp. 79-88

Functional and Structural Feature of Photosynthetic Apparatus of Some Halophytic and Glycophytic Representatives from Genus Lactuca (Asteraceae) – Violeta N. Peeva, Viktoria A. Hristova, Svetlana M. Momchilova, Dimitrina P. Koleva, Albena P. Ivanova, Albena B. Momchilova, Liliana T. Maslenkova, pp. 89-96

Evaluation of Cytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects of Commonly Used Food Additives on the Root Meristem Cells of Allium cepa – Penka Vasileva, Ivan Stoyanov, Elena Chayleva, Teodora Staykova, Evgeniya Ivanova, pp. 97-109

Overcoming Phytoplasma Infection in Paulownia tomentosa by Meristem In vitro Culture – Rumyana P. Valkova, Gergana G. Zahmanova, Elena D. Apostolova-Kuzova, Milena L. Kostova, Valentina T. Toneva, pp. 111-117

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